I. GENERAL QUESTIONS 1. WHAT IS FEDEMAC LOAD EXCHANGE? Load Exchange is an online marketplace where moving companies with shipments that need European transport (“Shippers”) can connect with moving companies that have planned trips for their moving trucks (“Carriers”). Load Exchange provides and easy-to-use platform that delivers benefits to both: - Moving Companies & Relocation Management Companies who have shipments and need trucking capacity / origin & destination services can quickly find solutions and partners. - Moving companies with trucks on the road can maximize capacity and reduce empty running. No online underbidding, simply direct and private negotiation. 2. WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE IN LOAD EXCHANGE? FEDEMAC Load Exchange provides a lot of financial and operational benefits to the European moving industry. It saves time and money and quickly helps solve capacity and transport challenges. The multi-language interface is easy to use and it is hosted by a trusted industry organization - not an on-line technology company seeking to disrupt the industry. 3. WHAT ABOUT QUALITY? FEDEMAC Load Exchange provides a number of features that provide users with assurances on the quality of services: - FEDEMAC requires Carriers to provide registration details of their trucks to prove that they comply with European law. - A “Whitelist” and “Blacklist” feature allows users to highlight their preferred partners or block out moving companies that they do not want to work with. - Load Exchange allows users to provide a rating on each moving company to highlight the quality of services provided. II. PARTICIPANTS 1. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? All moving companies that have a legal registration in the European Union, United Kingdom, Norway or Switzerland can participate as Shippers and offer loads. To transport loads, Carriers must be a Commercial Member or Direct Affiliate of FEDEMAC, must operate truck(s) in Europe over 7.5 tons under a European Union, UK, Norwegian or Swiss transport license. III. FEES 1. WHAT ARE THE COSTS TO PARTICIPATE? During the launch period until June 30, 2020, Load Exchange is Free of Charge. 2. WHAT WILL BE THE COSTS IN THE FUTURE From July 1, 2020 the costs will be as follows: Moving companies and relocation management companies wanting to offer loads will pay: - Standard Package: Free of charge throughout 2020. - Premium Package: EUR 49.00 per month (includes White List/Black List and other features). Moving companies wanting to transport loads will pay: - Standard Package: EUR 49.00 per month. - Premium Package: EUR 99.00 per month (includes White List/Black List and other features). IV. HOW DO I REGISTER? Registration will only take 5-10 minutes, but make sure you have the documents and photos available: Company Registration: - Your company address and contact details - Your company’s legal registration (PDF) - Your company’s valid VAT Registration (PDF) - A photo of your building exterior, interior and warehouse Additional Carrier Registration (to transport loads): - Photo of the front, side, back and interior of each truck (JPG) - Truck Registration Certificate (PDF) - Transport License including the specific truck registration (PDF) - Tachograph Certificate for the specific truck (PDF) During the registration process FEDEMAC may ask you to supply missing documents or details, so check your inbox and junk mailbox for emails - it may take up to 5 working days to review your documents. V. HOW DO I POST TRIPS OR AVAILABLE SHIPMENTS? 1. POSTING AN AVAILABLE SHIPMENT (1-3 minutes) Select and complete: - Origin and Destination Address; - Shipment Size; - The dates the shipment is available and when it must be delivered; - Any additional services required at origin and destination. Carriers will get then get notified of a match and offer you their rate. Shippers may respond with a counter-offer so be responsive to book the move. When selling and asking rates are agreed, you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions and execute the transaction. 2. POSTING A TRIP (5-10 minutes) Select and complete: - The truck you are using; - Origin and Destination Points; - Dates of the trip; - Your services that are available (e.g. loading/unloading); - The countries the truck will be passing through. Once you have posted a trip you will get then get notified of a match and the opportunity to offer your transportation rate. Shippers may respond with a counter-offer so be responsive to book the move. When selling and asking rates are agreed, you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions and execute the transaction. VI. ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO KNOW? CAN I USE LOAD EXCHANGE ON ANY DEVICE? FEDEMAC Load Exchange has been designed to work flawlessly on both desktops and mobile phones with up-to-date software. HOW MANY USERS CAN I HAVE? Under the Standard Package you are given Basic one user and one login. Under the Premium Package companies can enjoy up to 3 users with a single login. For the future our developers are working to create a new level with many more users. IS THE PLATFORM AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES? Multiple-language translation is provided. Look for the translation box at the bottom of the website. IS THE PLATFORM SECURE? Our developers have designed Load Exchange to the highest levels of security with password encryption and other security features. DO FEDEMAC PROVIDE TECHNICAL SUPPORT? For technical support please write to [email protected]