Each company receive an auto-calculated 5-star rating based on the opinion/review of the other companies for the completed submissions.

Alert messages popup in case of an empty filed during the registration and submission processes.

The registrant must provide a contact person for administrative purposes only, which will be visible and contacted by the Platform administrator only.

The Platform administrator should review all required documents, submitted during the registration process in order to approve or disapprove a company registration.

Dashboard contains direct buttons and summary figures for the Company submissions, offers, profile, edit, as well the 5-star rating of the company.

The Platform has very intuitive and easy to use interface. It is mobile friendly, based on the responsive web design. Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, laptop or PC, it will perfectly adapt to the screen size.

Help balloons are displayed on mouse over the fields in registration/edit and submission/edit forms.

Multi-language translation is provided by Google translation select box at the bottom of the site.

The Log In form is based on email and password identification. Passwords are duly encrypted.

The Log Out could be done by clicking on the LOGOUT button in the menu bar or by just closing the browser window.

FEDEMAC Exchange Platform is an international load exchange platform that helps Carriers to find loads for their trucks and Shippers to find trucks for their loads.

The members of the Platform are separated on two types as follow: - Carriers - Shippers

The navigation menu bar is fully responsive and adapts automatically for desktop and mobile devices. It provides many additional features for registered users.

The Newsletter subscription is enabled by default during registration of a company.

The registered companies receive email notifications for: - Registration approval - Submitted offer - Rejected offer - Refused offer - Etc..

Company offers list provides detailed information for all submitted offers by the company to the other companies. The offer is grouped in pair with the submission. The offered price is visible at the top left corner. They could be easily filtered by their status, i.e. Active, Contracted, Expired, Refused and Rejected. Notice: - Rejected offer is an Load offer which has been rejected by a Carrier - Refused offer is an Truck offer which has been refused by a Shipper/Carrier

To make an offer to a specific submission (Load or Trip) there are two options: - Select from your already posted submissions - Post a new submission

When your submission is ready to be sent as an Offer for a specific submission (as for example in the image below the Truck submission will be send as an Offer for the Load submission) you should fill your Price and click on the Send button. The other company will be notified by email about the offer and the offer will become available in the Profile dashboard.

The opinion/review could be made only for a completed submission by both party, participating on the process only.

The registered company could change the Login Password at any time through its Company Profile page. It could also require to be send on his email a new temporarily password in case of forgotten password, which could be change afterwards in the Profile page.

When entering the site all visitors are welcomed by a Privacy Policy agreement popup.

When a company receive an Price offer, it has the option to respond with a counter Price offer. The other company will be notified for your price by email. It is an auction process as both companies could update their prices as many times as they want. The Carrier has an option to Reject the Shipper offer and the Shipper has an option to Refuse the Carrier offer, until the Carrier accept the Shipper price. Then the accepted price becomes a contracted price and there is no way to be amended. Both parties are warned about it by a checkbox when sending a Price offer as follows: For Shipper: * You must confirm that you are going to contract at price you offer, if the Carrier accept it! For Carrier: * You must confirm, that if you accept the Shipper price, it will be the final CONTRACT price!

The registered company could edit the registration information at any time through its Company Profile page.

The premium users has an option to check for auto-recommended submissions, appropriate for their submissions.

The registration is based on a two-step process, i.e. the Company must be manually approved by the Platform administrator. The registrant must fill a registration form and submit all required company information. He will receive auto-message alerts if some data is missing during the form submission. The registrant must choose the Type of his company - Carrier or Shipper company. The registrant must choose the wanted Subscription plan - Standard or Premium Plan.

The registrant must upload the required documents to complete its registration and submit it for approval.

When submitting a truck the Platform requires to select all the countries which are on the route of the submitted truck on an interactive European map. This will help the Platform to recommend appropriate loads for the submitted truck and the opposite – appropriate trucks for the submitted load.

The search criteria include the following: - From city/country - To city/country - Start date - End date - Weight - Volume - Load or Truck - Type of submission

The registrant must select initially the Loading and Offloading services provided by his company. They will automatically fill in the required fields during the submission of loads and trucks (with an option to be edited for each submission).

The Social networks sharing buttons are visible at the bottom of the pages for non-registered users, i.e. to be able to be shared without password over the social networks.

Company submissions list provides detailed information for all submitted truck and/or loads by the company. They could be easily filtered by their status, i.e. Active, Contracted, Expired and Deleted. There are available shortcut buttons as follows: - received offers for each of submission - recommended submissions appropriate for your submission - who has viewed a specific submission - submission details - submission edit - submission delete - current submission status

The submission details include the following: - Type of submission - #id number of submission - Date of submission - Views of submission - Company name - Company country - Volume of load/available space - Weight of load/available space - Start date and end date - From city/country location - To city/country location - Loading services - Offloading services

- Standard subscription Plan - Premium subscription Plan

The submission of trips and loads could be done only by registered users, which are duly logged in the Platform. The required fields are marked with a red star. The submission form prompts with message alerts if there are not filled fields.

The submission details could be edited at any time. Every detail could be edited, except the submission #id and the number of views. Notice: If changes are made to a submission, they will not be reflected in the already made offers.

The Platform is available online on the Internet. The software system runs on Apache HTTP Server and it is written on HTML and PHP languages, based on MySQL database.

For technical support and questions about the Platform you can send a message to its Developer at [email protected]

The registrant must check а box to accept the Terms and Conditions of the Platform in order to be able to submit the registration form.

To create a Trip you must have already an approved truck whick will be used for that trip.

They are two levels of user access, based on the Subscription Plan – Standard or Premium: - Access level 1 = Standard Plan o Company info enabled o Truck & Load submission enabled o Listing of loads and trucks o Searching of loads and trucks o Rate registered companies o Statistics of submissions & offers o Sending of Price offers o Information for Price offers - Access Level 2 = Premium Plan o Email Notification for Price offers o Recommended submissions suitable for you o Users viewed your submissions o More premium features

The number of the views of a submission could be view by everyone at the top left of the submission.

The premium users has an option to check who has view their submissions.